Homeborne is owned by Anita Woods, a Certified Professional Midwife since 2007, attending homebirth since 2004. With an office conveniently located in Zona Rosa in north Kansas City, or Anita's home office in Parkville, Missouri, prenatal care occurs monthly until 26-28 weeks, bi-weekly until 37 weeks when your midwife will travel to you, doing one prenatal visit in your home, then back in the Homeborne office weekly until birth. Midwifery care with Anita is about more than just checking your blood pressure and listening to baby’s heartbeat. You are provided the same kind of clinical care that you might find with a hospital provider, but prenatal visits are 45-60 minutes long, with plenty of time to get to know each other, developing trust, a comfortable relationship, discussing nutrtition, lifestyle, and pregnancy exercise to encourage health and safety by natural means, including food as medicine. Chiropractic, supplements, oils or herbs are recommended as necessary, including prayer for health and healing.

During prenatals we also talk about the Standard of Care if you were to use an institutional provider—what tests or procedures do they do when, what the test entails, what the outcome will mean in the homebirth environment, then when all your questions have been answered, with plenty of time for thoughtful discussion, you make the decision on how you would like to proceed. Homeborne will share all the information and knowledge about an issue, then respect the client’s wishes about that test or procedure. Homeborne is not the authority in this relationship, isn't in charge and won’t tell you what to do. We all work together as a team for health and safety, with the decisions firmly in your hands.

You will have no time limitations on healthy pregnancy, so are under no regulations that you must give birth by a specific date. As long as you and baby are healthy and everyone is motivated to continue to be patient, birth after 41 or 42 weeks is not only possible, but waiting on God’s timing for birth is how birth works best—when you leave it alone and let it proceed along its natural course. With Homeborne, you are assured that your privacy will be protected.

Once active labor begins, the midwife will come to your home and stay with you throughout your birth, supporting you, encouraging you, offering the protection afforded by a Certified Professional Midwife with prayer and skill. You are encouraged to catch your own baby! Choose waterbirth, or postpartum options such as cord burning or lotus birth, instead of clamping/cutting of the cord. Remedies to many birth complications, resuscitation equipment, herbal tinctures, etc., come with the midwife, and Anita is certified in neonatal resuscitation and adult/pediatric CPR. Your baby receives a gentle newborn exam, your room is cleaned, laundry is started, food prepared for you, with help to establish breastfeeding. The midwife will return to your home between 24-48 hours postpartum, again at 7 days if necessary, and then a 2-week follow-up appointment in the Homeborne office. A birth certificate is filed for you, and Homeborne offers the standard newborn testing if you choose.

When she's not with you, Anita is a homeschool mom, a 3-time cesarean mom, a VBAC mom, an HBAC mom, a military veteran's mom, a single mom, and a grateful Believer in Jesus Christ. Anita offers flexible appointment times, with evening appointments available. Plan your dreamy homebirth with a free consultation, or contact Homeborne.

"Having a home birth can change your life. It changed mine."

I invite you to discover how birth can be respectful. Peaceful. Dreamy.