Frequently Asked Questions

You want a homebirth. You have questions.

Homeborne has answers.

Who owns Homeborne?

Homeborne is owned by Anita Woods, a Certified Professional Midwife in the Kansas City metropolitan area since 2007. Anita has a small practice to provide you the intimate, one-on-one personal relationship that is the hallmark of homebirth midwifery.

How many births have you attended?

Anita Woods has been catching babies at home since 2004, graduated midwifery school and became certified in 2007, and has attended over 300 births in that time. Homeborne is a small, intimate homebirth practice so that you are afforded all the time you need at appointments, and you get to know the midwife on more than a clinical level, so you feel comfortable.

How long overdue do you allow before inducing?

First, get rid of the words “allow” and “let.” You are the authority over your body and baby; we work together as a team for health and safety. There are no time limits on healthy pregnancy, so you are under no regulations that you must give birth by a certain date. As long as you and baby are healthy and everyone is motivated to continue being patient, birth after 41 or even 42 weeks is not only possible, but waiting on God’s timing for birth is how it works best—when you leave it alone and let it proceed along its natural course. On the opposite side of that, homebirth prior to 37 weeks is not recommended.

Do you practice delayed cord clamping?

Yes! The proper term for “delayed” cord clamping is physiologic cord clamping, as leaving the cord alone in the immediate postpartum causes the vessels themselves to close and cease perfusion without any intervention. Thus a provider who practices premature cord clamping is depriving baby of one-third their blood supply. The timing is typically after placenta has birthed and you have made the choice to clamp/cut the umblical cord. Homeborne also encourages cord burning or lotus birth!

Do you attend waterbirth?

Yes! As a waterbirth mom herself, Anita loves waterbirth. Approximately 70% of Homeborne clients choose waterbirth.

How do you feel if I decline any testing?

It is the midwife’s job to provide you with all the information you need about any test or procedure, so that you may make an informed choice with personal responsibility. That means respecting you no matter what choice you make about a test or procedure. Newborns are treated with equal respect for your choices.

Is insurance accepted?

Unfortunately no. As a direct-pay provider, insurance does not cover your care with Homeborne, but discounts are available and it is still a fraction compared to the average institutional birth. Many times the cash fee for a homebirth is less than a maternity deductible and co-pay. Anita believes homebirth should be as accessible as possible to every woman, and her old-school, low-tech midwifery style that includes a belief in attachment parenting is the perfect fit for those who enjoy this style of intimate midwifery care.

How many midwives or assistants are on your birth team?

Homeborne deeply appreciates the apprenticeship model of midwifery training, and has had apprentices in the past, however Homeborne values your privacy, and presently works solo. The use of a birth assistant is on a case-by-case basis, and while a midwife is also part doula, Homeborne loves working with doulas if you would like to hire one yourself. But when you call Homeborne, you are calling Anita Woods’s personal cell phone. There’s no staff, no students, and no busy office.

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